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OF EARTH's Prototype Wins Over Bowies 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)'

OF EARTH's 'Prototype' Wins Over Bowies 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)'
March 28, 2013

OF EARTH's song 'Prototype' won the 'Track Of The Week' competition in Classic Rock magazine over BOWIE, THE DARKNESS, SAXON, LYNCH MOB, FM,... collecting more than twice as many votes as David Bowie's 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)'.

OF EARTH would like to thank our fans, friends, family, classmates, cats and dogs for voting for us !!!!

To show our appreciation, you can download our newest song(s) 'Open Letter / Everything' for FREE - for a limited time. (It's actually TWO songs, but we think they sound best together, so it's one track)

"Warning: This song is addictive" (the page admin)

Also we'd like to congratulate David Bowie for his brilliant new album; we are HUGE Bowie fans ourselves. It was an already an honor to be nominated in the same poll with him. Winning... priceless!

OF EARTH - Prototype, the #1 video:

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