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ROB DE LUCA interview

ROB DE LUCA interview
January 14 , 2011

The original interview (in Hungarian) can be found HERE.

You are part of Sebastian Bach's band since 2006. How did you join the band? You were a friend of Sebastian for a long time?

I actually started playing with Sebastian in 2005. I was a friend of his since back when he was in Skid Row. He used to say really nice positive things about Spread Eagle to the press in the early 1990's. Him doing that meant a lot to me. At that time he came to one of our shows and got up on stage and sang with us. We hung out afterwards and became friends. I have much respect for Baz and have learned a lot from him.

With your last tour in the end of 2009 you also played in Hungary.Do remember the concert? Did you have time for a sightseeing in Budapest?

Yes I remember it very well, Budapest is hard to forget. The show was great, the promoter Laszlo was great. Talking to the fans after the show was super cool and the catering at the show was some of the best of the tour. the city's architecture was beautiful - so full of history.

What are the plans of Sebastian Bach's band? Can we expect a new record or a European tour soon?

Talk is of a new record. A world tour would follow that. That's all I know at the moment.

As for your band, Spread Eagle, why did the the band split up in 1995? And what were the reasons behind the reunion in 2006?

The Spread Eagle breakup in 1995 was sudden. Everyone involved had completely lived for that band for years and defined who they were through it. When members no longer felt as strongly about their identity within it, they lost interest and left. At that time I was still into it 100%, but it was in complete disarray. I couldn't keep it alive.

After that I did completely different things and wasn't even thinking about a Spread Eagle reunion. In the early 2000's Ray would occasonally ask me about doing a reunion, but I had little interest. One day I was in a bar in NYC and a friend of the band Dave Harrington got up in the d.j. booth and played a Spread Eagle song. My first reaction was turn this off, but as I listened I had the feeling that this band still has a future. I called Ray and we started planning it. To be clear it was all Ray West's idea. With a little help I came around.

What were you and Ray doing between the split up and the reunion?

I've been touring with different bands (e.g. UFO, Helmet, George Lynch) and and playing in NYC bands. Ray can tell you more about what he did during that time.

Founding members Tommi Gallo and Paul DiBartolo are not part of the band any more. What were the reasons for the lineup change?

Paul and Tommi left the band back then and have simply moved on to other projects. Paul was the engine of the band in the 1990's. I asked him on multiple occasions to reconsider but he's not interested in looking back. I'm still friends with Paul and a fan of his incredible guitar playing, so I respect his decision. Unfortunately, Tommi never returned my phone calls.

Was it easy to recruit the new members (Dennis and Rik)?

Not at all! We tried to do it with other people who were friends and very nice, but it never worked out musically. It was very hard to find them in the end.

The second Spread Eagle record was released in 1993. Are you planning to make a new album?

I believe we will.

The first album was remastered and re-released in 2006. The Open To The Public CD will also be re-released in the future?

I think we'd rather work on a new album than do that.

Is there a chance for a European tour in the future? Or you are just playing in USA for the time being?

We play in th US in early 2011 but we're looking for European promoters because we would like to tour there.

You have an alternative/psychedelic rock project called Of Earth with a new album in 2010. What are your plans with the band? Do you have plans for a tour in Europe?

The band is playing in NYC and our debut album is available for FREE on Lovember Records at We would love to tour it as soon as it's financially feasible.

Besides playing in your bands, do you have some free time? What are your hobbies?

ROCK is my hobby and I'm just getting started :)

What are your favorite CD-s of all time? Do you also listen to new artists as well, or mostly just your favorite old albums?

My favorite disc of all time is Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here. I love new music and wish I had time to hear more. Some of my fave bands of the last decade are: The Mars Volta, Them Crooked Vultures, The Raconteurs, Elbow, The Barons, The Distillers.

What is your message to the Hungarian fans?

Thank you for listening. I hope I can play live for you again soon.

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